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Guizhou Vice Governor WANG Jiangping came for project researching

  At the site of project, SHI Zhonggui (Project manager) made a detailed presentation to the delegation about the planning, construction process, management of this project. The vice governor made a serious consideration, while he listened. He thought the whole planning of this project being well-considered, and it is very in line with ferroalloy market trends and requirements. Then he also gave a good appraisal for the dedication spirit of JMIers.

  After that, the delegation went to the construction site, learning more about the project. Vice Governor WANG Jiangping expressed his sincere sympathy and solicitude to the builders who worked in this construction, and gave full affirmation. Project Dushan cogeneration is the most important construction of "Project Four Integration" in Guizhou Province. The project should be built into a sustainable development, significant construction. The country government must make more efforts to ensure the project progress.

  At last, Vice Governor WANG Jiangping gave full affirmation for the efforts we got. He also asked for optimizing construction organization, quality control and ensuring project, progress  safe construction and so on. He hoped that JMI continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, ensuring the project progress, putting into operation as soon as possible, and making a great contributions to the development of southern Guizhou.

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