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Silicon and Manganese Prices Continue to Watch and See After the Market Mentality(20/06/2019)

CFO2019-6-20: At present, the silicon and manganese market continues to be tight and the price is firm. Market supply is difficult to find, factory orders are scheduled until July, no offer or offer continues to rise significantly. At present, the price gap between the north and the South has disappeared and gradually converged. The mainstream offer price is 7400-7500 yuan/ton. The number of people with high prices exceeding 7500 yuan/ton is increasing gradually. In terms of transactions, traders said that it was difficult to purchase, and it was more difficult to purchase at low prices. The basic transaction price was also concentrated at about 7400 yuan/ton.

In terms of the current start-up situation, construction in the north and south is better, and there is a slight rebound compared with last month, especially in the southern market, but silicon and manganese are still in short supply. At present, the profit of Silicon-manganese alloy has increased compared with last month. The overall situation is better than last month. Manganese ore has obviously followed the trend of alloy price increase, while the profit margin of downstream steel mills has narrowed. Market worries eventually shift the risk to alloys. The industry has expressed its close attention to the trend of the new round of steel recruitment in July.

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