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Manganese Mines: The Key Points of Dealing Concern Slow Down(13/05/2019)

CFO2019-5-13: Despite the high external cost support, the manganese ore market is not lack of price sentiment. However, the downstream alloy factories have a relatively light purchasing willingness, indicating that the stock-up period is mainly around 5-10 days, and the recent port spot delivery atmosphere has not been significantly enhanced, and the port spot transaction is still relatively cold. However, the steady trend of alloys also strengthens the confidence of manganese ore in the future market to a certain extent. In the short term, the spot market of manganese ore will be stable or gradually clear.

At present, the spot manganese ore quotations are as follows: Tianjin Port and Macao Block 54-55; Mn45 Gabon Block 51, Mn36-37 South African Semi-carbonate 46-46.5, Mn28-30 South 36-36.5; Qinzhou Port Mn46 Block 54-55; Mn37 South Africa Block 46-47, Mn45 Gabon 51-51.5; Mn28-30 South 39; the overall change of the port quotation is smaller than last week, but the actual transaction or due to various factors is staggered. However, as far as the current manganese market is concerned, the space for manganese ore to continue to decline is limited, and it will remain stable in the later period.

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