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Manganese ore: stick to the bottom line before the holiday (29/04/2019)

CFO 2019-4-29:Manganese ore spot market due to cost support and weak demand, manganese miners are low-cost transactions and the price does not coexist, and with the gradual consumption of low-cost sources, May In the process of opening the steel curtain and the price of the outer disk, the manganese ore spot market gradually stabilized and waited for, and more manganese miners joined the ranks of the cost line.

For the post-holiday market, on the one hand, focus on the results of the downstream steel, and on the other hand, the final pricing of the manganese ore outer disk. In May, the steel move was expected to fall, and the manganese ore outside the high-priced price was still in the game.

It is expected that the post-holiday downstream will be weak, and the main tone of the cost will remain unchanged. The game between the two sides of the manganese ore mine will continue to be carried out the downstream plants holding low manganese ore stocks continue to suppress the demand for manganese ore. The price of manganese ore, or the insistence of manganese ore suppliers on maintaining market stability, is also related to the final price of steel and external orders.

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