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Manganese Mine Trading Light Mentality Following the Market(19/04/2019)

CFO 19.04.2019:Downstream  procurement of manganese ore is more and more careful.The situation of stalemate between the supply and mining sides of manganese ore is more obvious and the port manganese ore delivery is light. Manganese ore suppliers want to keep the cost.However, face to downstream pressure on manganese ore procurement, there are more people choose to wait , while the transaction price of the sellers is still mainly negative decline at the same time.

The manganese ore market is facing the problems as demand blocking and inventory dropped difficult. The downstream market is still not optimistic and the overall lack of confidence. Factory spot stock is not active and there are futures replenishment.Manganese ore spot market discourse is weak.The buyer's market is difficult to withstand market pressure.

At present, there are few manganese ore bidders and many observers who insist on maintaining stable quotation, while the actual transaction price is inevitably depressed. Under the pressures of high futures prices, the spot market of manganese ore should be prepared to break the cost。Go ahead with the market is the mainstream mentality of the manganese ore market.

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