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Guangxi Jinmeng Manganese Industry Co., Ltd.


Logo Interpretation

● The Logo was made up with deformation of letter “J” and “M” which are the first letters of the company’s name “Jin Meng”. The theme of logo uses red, yellow, and gray as the standard color.

● The "M" evolved into the shape of a mountain. It not only reflects the image of the element symbol for manganese "Mn", but also represents that manganese is mainly from mining. It means that there is a solid foundation for the development of Jin Meng Industry. It is also a symbol of employees’ sprit to scale new heights.

●The transformation of "J" is a circular ring around the mountain. Circle means the earth and globalization. It also means that the development of Jinmeng was based on gold ore mountains of nature, globally oriented, and continuously growing.

●Red represents the sun. It means that Jin Meng’s business was flourishing and booming. Gray is the color of manganese, which reflects the characteristics of Manganese.

●English Name of Industry:“Guangxi Jinmeng Manganese Industry Co.,Ltd”

●Abbreviation - “JMI”

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