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Corporate Introduction

 Guangxi Jinmeng Manganese Industry Co., Ltd. is a trade & industry company, that registered in 2004. The main industries of company are deep processing of manganese products and provide raw materials & its logistics for the steel industry. The registered capital of company reaches 80 million-yuan. The total assets are about 3.3 billion-yuan, and the turnover are about 3.5 billion-yuan. The main products include silico-manganese alloy , manganese-rich slag , ferro-manganese , high silicon silico-manganese and so on . The production scale includes silico-manganese alloy (920,000 tons/year), electrolytic metal manganese (30,000 tons/year), and manganese-rich slag (150,000 tons/year). The company's products also include coke and imported manganese ore. The main production bases are in Yizhou-Guangxi , Qinzhou-Guangxi , Dushan-Guizhou ,Cengong-Guizhou , and Gabonese Republic. The company has 29 ferroalloy ore furnaces with a total capacity of 470,500 KVA, 3 electrolytic metal manganese production lines and 8 smelting blast furnaces. Jinmeng Manganese has the advantage of manganese mine resources , that it has the Mugui manganese mine in Guiping Guangxi.

 The company has more than 2500 employees, including 150 professional and technical staff. It has high-quality production management staff , skilled technical workers and excellent marketing team , fluently distribution channels . We have a good cooperation relationship with the Shougang Group , the An Steel Group , Hebei Iron & Steel Co.,LTD , China National Special Steel Group , Shandong Steel Group , Liuzhou Iron & Steel Group , Hunan Xiangtan Steel Co.,LTD, Pingxiang Steel Co.,LTD and Asian Minerals Limited (AML) , Consolidated Minerals Limited (CML) , Glencore , OM , UMK and other well-known companies and other large national & abroad steel groups . The company has a prefect management system and got the national certification of quality management system. The company obtained the "ISO9001: 2015 Standard Quality Management System Certification" ,  who has rich production experience & stable marketing channels in the manganese smelting products .

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